Hi there! My name is Seth Munsey. Welcome to Disc Golf Strong!

I’ve been throwing a Frisbee for as long as I can remember. I spent countless hours on the street in front of my house throwing with my brother and friends. In the evenings, we would head to a local business complex and play object golf around the parking lot and grounds. These days, I play at my local disc golf course, Ryan Ranch, with the club I’m apart of, the Monterey Stinging Jellies.

I’ve been a strength and fitness professional for over a decade and have worked with everyone from a 75 year old aspiring to get on the ground and back up without help, to professional hockey players working hard to stay strong and healthy during the season.

Before my career in fitness, I patrolled the waters of the San Francisco Bay as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard and spent a few years running 911 calls on an ambulance and as a reserve firefighter.

After the years of military and being a first responder, I decided to attend college and graduated Suma Cum Laude from California State University Fullerton with a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science) and a focus on strength and conditioning.

During my senior year of college, I was hired by the Anaheim Ducks NHL team as their Strength and Conditioning Coach Intern. This was an amazing opportunity to work with athletes at an elite level and help keep their bodies in peak condition during the long and physically demanding season.

After my college days, I owned and ran a fitness studio, Iron Republic, for four years helping everyday people learn how to live life strong.

When I’m not coaching, I travel the country teaching and certifying fellow coaches and trainers for two different fitness organizations, Original Strength and DVRT.

I’ve got a few other certifications and credentials. If that is something you’re interested in, you can find the list here.

I enjoy spending my time off with my beautiful wife of 11 years, Tiffani, and our two amazing daughters, Kaylee (7) and Laila (4). I’m grateful that my daughters will grow up knowing the wonderful sport of disc golf.

I want to thank you for visiting Disc Golf Strong. Look around the site, check out the videos and try the exercises. I’m positive they will help as long as you do them. And make sure to come back again because I’ll be posting new content all the time.

Thanks again! Go play Disc Golf Strong.





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