$27.00 USD

Off-Season Training

The off-season is not just a period where disc golf play is less frequent or paused,  but a crucial phase for personal growth and development. By embracing the off-season, we can rest and recover, reflect on our progress, and set goals for the future. The off-season provides a valuable opportunity to recharge and prepare for the challenges ahead.

The Disc Golf Strong Off-Season Training Program is an online self-paced course that allows you to access the training programs at your own pace and convenience.

The step-by-step guidance ensures that everyone can benefit from the program, regardless of your starting point.

Inside the Disc Golf Strong Off-Season Training Program you will find:

  • 4 Week+  Body Weight Training Program
  • 4 Week+ Free Weights + Bands Training Program.
  • How to add Endurance Training for Disc Golf.
  • How to build your personal training schedule.
  • How to determine the right level of challenge.
  • How to set your environment and training for success.